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sen·try –noun -definition: a soldier stationed at a place to stand guard and prevent the passage of unauthorized persons, watch for fires
The Sentry Monitoring System is our answer to the system administrative needs of small businesses. With affordable pricing, we strive to keep small and medium businesses effective and up to date with their technology needs. Our 24/7 monitoring system continuously maintains a watch of your network, hardware, and software for small problems before they become major issues. 

Have an I.T. staff already? No problem!  The Sentry Monitoring System is also geared towards making your in-house I.T. staff more efficient.  With our client-side portal, your I.T. staff can monitor numerous sites from anywhere in the world!  Our system also makes asset tracking and remote assistance a breeze.

This system can be customized for any business structure.  With  state-of-the-art detection and monitoring service, see how much more efficient your network can be.

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